Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about how your hotel can use Partner Connect?

What are the requirements to join Partner Connect?

You must be a part of the Merchant program. Then you will need to determine if you will be using a approved Connectivity Provider, or completing the work in-house. See our (Getting Started) link for additional details.

What is a Connectivity Provider?

A Connectivity Provider may be a Computer Reservation System (CRS), Property Managment System (PMS), Channel Manager or any other developer that has developed to the Partner Connect requirements. 

What Connectivity Providers currently support Partner Connect?

(Click here) for a listing of all current Connectivity Providers.

Who is active on Partner Connect today?

   More than 5,000 hotel partners are already using Partner Connect.

What does ARI stand for?

ARI is an industry standard term for Availability, Rates and Inventory which is fed directly from your system into Partner Connect. This "push technology" enables our partners to push Availability, Rates, Inventory and Restrictions seamlessly.

What are the back-up options if there is an outage?

First, be sure to contact your system provider so that they can correct the problem. Be sure your CRS, PMS or Channel Manager remains current with any changes to rates and inventory. When the connection is re-established Partner Connect will send through the latest information. Note for former Allocation partners: There will still be access to the Extranet for any critical updates. Just be sure you've updated your CRS, PMS or Channel Direct as well so when the connection is re-established, it doesn't override the changes made in the Extranet.

Who do I contact for Support?

Contact your in-house developer, Connectivity Provider, CRS, PMS or Channel Direct provider for your first line of support.

What are the costs for Partner Connect?

There are no costs for Partner Connect, it is free and open to anyone who currently sells on Depending on if you decide to do development in-house, or contract a Connectivity Provider there may be fees associated with this.

Who do I contact for additional questions?

Contact your Market Manager; chains should contact their chain representative.

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